“But this one goes to 11”

Chances are, at some point in your life, you will be looking for a proofreading or editing service. You have this really important report coming up, a resume that needs to be just perfect, a PowerPoint you can’t afford to be wrong, or even an email you’re sending out to 500 of your closest friends. So, you turn to your friends or colleagues for help – or go online and end up on a website like Wordy.com.

Now, naturally, your question is what makes Wordy different? What defines our service, when comparing with similar services out there?

Wordy only goes to 10

When planning Wordy, we made the decision not to have 1,000 editors waiting to process your content. We think there are some really good reasons for this decision. Firstly, managing and quality checking 1,000 editors is a monstrous task – we’re talking monstrous with a capital M. Secondly, how do you separate all these editors into the specific subject categories in which they specialise? We don’t think anyone has yet found the right answer to that question.

In addition, chances are – actually, it’s more than likely – you’re not looking for 1,000 editors to work on your text; you’re looking for just one – the one. And finding the one, the best editor, to work on your text drastically decreases the more you have to choose from. Even clever algorithms get confused with a task like that, and who wants an algorithm to find your editor anyway?!

A great big number of people is fantastic if you’re looking for a great big number of possible solutions to a specific problem. If you’re looking for just one solution to one problem, it’s a nightmare.

How much work can a small editing team get through?

All editors and proofreaders on Wordy are professionals with years of experience editing and specialising in one or more specific subjects. So, just one editor can do a massive amount of work in the course of the day, or even a few hours.

Let’s say you have 3,000 words of text you need done within six hours. On Wordy, your text will be picked up within five minutes and done by one, professional editor within three hours. In fact, if your text only needs proofreading, chances are you’ll have it back within two hours.

Every editor on Wordy has a maximum daily throughput of approximately 15,000 words, which corresponds to 150,000 words for a small team of just 10 editors. So, you’re more than welcome to ask yourself if you’re looking for a service that – on paper – can process more than 20 million words per day, and consider what kind of quality those 20 million words will have if everyone is running as fast as they possibly can.

We know a bit about quality checking, and checking 20 million words in one day (of which your text of 3,000 words is only a small fraction) is a nightmare. For obvious reasons.

So, why do you need a service that goes to 11?

You don’t.

You need a service that will take your resume, business report, PowerPoint presentation, or e-mail and turn it into perfect writing, and we’re confident Wordy will do just that for you.

In part, because you’re looking for just one editor – not a thousand. And in part, because quality checking and managing people you know by first name is a proven way to produce great quality work. Even if you are in a hurry.