Quality control of professional copy-editing

Lately I’ve been looking into how to control the quality of output from Wordy. I’m especially interested in companies and services that offer workflow regulated to the extent that they’ve obtained an ISO certification. Why? Because fixed standards and quality control mean much less hassle for editors and the support function, as well as happier, more confident clients. So how do we secure the highest quality in service without having to go to the extent of ISO certification just yet?
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Copy-editing subscriptions and tweaks galore

Something is happening at Wordy.com. We’ve committed a set of comprehensive copy-editing subscription plans and made numerous tweaks and adjustments to the platform. The tweaks should provide an even smoother user experience, but the subscription plans are really something else. Publishers, meet your future editing service.
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Subscribing to a copy-editing service?

Since Wordy’s launch we’ve been working on putting together a number of subscription packages that will be both practical and attractive. The difficulty is that Wordy’s present customers have some very diverse wants and needs with regard to the services we offer, so the traditional discount for volume has to be combined with whatever technical solutions customers require. In addition we would like to see Wordy implemented in a large number of CMS systems as soon as possible, so putting together custom packages with a high degree of flexibility in terms of services, users, payment schemes and methods of renewal is also crucial.
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(A bit about) Copy-editors on Wordy

Being an editor on Wordy means working from a standardised set of guidelines so that editors know exactly what to deliver and customers know exactly what to expect. Editors are, of course, expected to be native speakers of English with a good, professional working knowledge of English language, grammar, usage, punctuation and standard editorial conventions as laid out in New Hart’s Rules (UK English) and the Chicago Manual of Style (US English). Beyond this, editors should be able to work pretty autonomously – as far as getting the job done right is concerned.

Here is how we judge that to be the case.
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Why copy-editors make a great community!

Since the launch of Wordy in December 2009 I have received a little more than 2,500 mails, of which approximately 50% have been from editors working on Wordy or having a desire to do so. The fantastic thing about all these mails is their great readability, precision and logical structure. When handling 30+ mails per day, this is something you quickly come to appreciate.
And that’s not nearly the only reason why copy-editors make a great community – I can easily add professionalism, passion and the desire to do better to the list.
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Integration of copy-editing in any publishing workflow

One of the key features of Wordy is the possibility to integrate professional human copy-editing in any publishing workflow. Wordy’s open application programming interface (API) makes it possible for all third-party developers to make real human Wordy copy-editing available on their specific platform.

Due to the immense number of publishing platforms, the API must adhere to at least two different scenarios: the direct payment option, where users make transactions directly with Wordy, and the indirect payment option, where uses are already running a subscription-based account with their platform provider. Integrating Wordy into these two scenarios results in a few very interesting design possibilities.
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How to build the perfect online copy-editing service

Wordy is all about building the fastest, most reliable service for professional human copy-editing on the basis of a few powerful principles: great editors, 24/7 service, the fastest turnaround times, easy ordering, and attainable pricing.

So, how should we go about this? First of all, by using all the advantages the Net has to offer. Global coverage means that Wordy can attract great editors everywhere. It also means that Wordy can offer ’round-the-clock service and best-of-the-Web turnaround times simply because there are always editors online to pick up a job. Also, because of our very modest commission rate, Wordy can offer customers truly great pricing.
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Meet Wordy

Wordy was conceived by Anders Schepelern in December 2008. As an award winning copywriter (winner of One Show and Cannes Lions digital awards), Anders needed a service that gave him fast, cheap, and reliable copy-editing of English text. Dissatisfied with his options, he presented the idea of an open platform for editors to serial entrepreneur Morten Wulff (traceworks.com, getinlive.com).

In August 2009, a pre-registration site for editors generated more than 250 registrations in just one week, and a prototype of Wordy was built. In September, business developers Klaus Lovgreen and Lars Bjerre Nielsen also joined Wordy as partners. After a beta period from December to March 2010, Wordy will really start totake over the world of editing by 1 April 2010.
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