Copy-editing subscriptions and tweaks galore

Something is happening at We’ve committed a set of comprehensive copy-editing subscription plans and made numerous tweaks and adjustments to the platform. The tweaks should provide an even smoother user experience, but the subscription plans are really something else. Publishers, meet your future editing service.

A subscription plan is the offset to use a bunch of relevant services on Wordy: add regular editors and multiple users to your account, upload your own house style, upgrade and downgrade plans depending on your use of Wordy, and save 12.5% of Wordy’s regular prices.

Setting a group of regular editors means that editors who specialise in specific subject matters will get all your jobs. Of course, you can still write a brief to the editor, as well as set languages for the individual document (such as US English or UK English). But jobs are only distributed to the editors on your list, ensuring a close relationship with editors that will only grow over time. Setting regular editors is key in obtaining the best possible editing with the shortest possible turnaround time.

Setting up multiple users allows your colleagues and co-workers to benefit from Wordy’s services without gaining actual control over the payment process. Additional users are able to send texts to Wordy on the original subscription as well as edit house styles. Additional users cannot add users themselves or pick regular editors. Moreover, additional users have no control over the subscription settings for the main account. If additional users are removed from the main account, they can no longer draw on the subscription plan when sending texts.

Adding and updating the personal house style can be carried by all users of the subscription plan. When a new job is sent to Wordy, editors can access the house styles to ensure consistent use of wording, annotations and tone of voice of texts – even though they are worked on by different editors and ordered by different users. House styles are particularly useful to companies and individuals who work within a specific field or have developed standard descriptions, phrasings, etc.

Questions anyone?

Is Wordy the right service for me?
If you want to make sure that your publishing is perfect and if you agree that incorrect spelling and bad grammar degrade your products and services, then yes, Wordy is the right service for you.

How do I find the best regular editors?
You can filter the list of editors on Wordy to match the requirements of your business. Wordy editors specialize in 56 subject matters – from accounting to tourism and travel, and most things in between.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?
Yes, you can change subscription plans in your account settings. All changes take effect starting with the next subscription period. If you cancel a subscription, changes take effect instantly.

Can I get my money back?
Yes, we’ll refund any unused credit in your account, minus a 20% handling fee. Get in touch with us at

How do you price additional words?
You can buy additional words to your subscription at a discount price of 12.5% off the standard fee. We will notify you if your balance starts to run low.