Meet Wordy

Wordy was conceived by Anders Schepelern in December 2008. As an award winning copywriter (winner of One Show and Cannes Lions digital awards), Anders needed a service that gave him fast, cheap, and reliable copy-editing of English text. Dissatisfied with his options, he presented the idea of an open platform for editors to serial entrepreneur Morten Wulff (,

In August 2009, a pre-registration site for editors generated more than 250 registrations in just one week, and a prototype of Wordy was built. In September, business developers Klaus Lovgreen and Lars Bjerre Nielsen also joined Wordy as partners. After a beta period from December to March 2010, Wordy will really start totake over the world of editing by 1 April 2010.

Wordy taps into the biggest untapped flow on the internet; the production of text, making it easy for everyone to add professional copy-editing to any writing process. Via an open API, Wordy allows a growing pool of 110+ professional copy-editors to be accessible to customers through CMS-, blog-, and pre-press systems. Wordy delivers a standardised editing service in record breaking time at a very low cost, promising all its customers to “Publish With Confidence”.

Already at launch, Wordy was the biggest provider of English copy-editing services online, and a global first mover in its field. The aim is to make Wordy a de facto standard for all pre-publish editing by 2011.