Subscribing to a copy-editing service?

Since Wordy’s launch we’ve been working on putting together a number of subscription packages that will be both practical and attractive. The difficulty is that Wordy’s present customers have some very diverse wants and needs with regard to the services we offer, so the traditional discount for volume has to be combined with whatever technical solutions customers require. In addition we would like to see Wordy implemented in a large number of CMS systems as soon as possible, so putting together custom packages with a high degree of flexibility in terms of services, users, payment schemes and methods of renewal is also crucial.

Catering for professional individuals and prosumers means delivering a standardised quality service at an attainable price without too many extras. Individuals, naturally, don’t express many specific needs apart from wanting to be able to send off text to a professional copy-editor at a discount price. The number of words per document varies, so setting a low entry-level package here is pretty straight-forward: ‘give us what we are getting now, only cheaper’. Well, in a few weeks’ time we are going to give you just that – thanks to all the fantastic feedback from individual customers and early adopters who have really helped to shape these early stages of Wordy.

For professional bloggers and small businesses the need for discount pricing is one of a handful of more specific needs, like being able to add multiple users to one account; having more storage space; being able to select a number of regular copy-editors; and some basic control over who is using Wordy, when they are using it and for what. So apart from a fixed number of words we are now working with a slightly more technical solution. We would still like to keep this solution as simple and easy to use as possible, so apart from delivering a quality editing product, offering a well-designed platform at all levels also comes into play.

For medium-sized businesses there is the need for more: more words, more storage space, more regular editors, more user accounts, more control, and at the same time the ability to add the companies’ own house styles to an account, ensuring consistency in all jobs, regardless of who’s editing them. We also need to develop an easy way to carry out internal invoicing of the service, so a simple method to keep track of the expenses of each individual user, and group of users, has to be implemented as well.

And that’s basically it. Which doesn’t seem that much considering we’ve been working on it for a couple of months. The secret here is, of course, that we need to have pretty reliable data and customer feedback before we can start putting together any kind of customer subscription package. Well, we have that now. All it needs is the packaging, which should be ready in no more than 2-3 weeks. In that time, yes, it will actually be possible to subscribe to a copy-editing service. In fact, what could be more rewarding and natural?


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