Distributing Wordy.com

For Wordy, to build a large, returning customer base is key to keeping all 130+ UK and US English copy-editors on the platform busy. And though it might sound self-evident, the irregular needs of most customers to use professional copy-editing simply demands a well-sized customer base. So, launching an online copy-editing service that works (and works really well) is one thing. Another is distributing Wordy through as many outlets as possible, making professional copy-editing one-click-easy to obtain. Here are some thoughts on distributing Wordy.
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Integration of copy-editing in any publishing workflow

One of the key features of Wordy is the possibility to integrate professional human copy-editing in any publishing workflow. Wordy’s open application programming interface (API) makes it possible for all third-party developers to make real human Wordy copy-editing available on their specific platform.

Due to the immense number of publishing platforms, the API must adhere to at least two different scenarios: the direct payment option, where users make transactions directly with Wordy, and the indirect payment option, where uses are already running a subscription-based account with their platform provider. Integrating Wordy into these two scenarios results in a few very interesting design possibilities.
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